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How can i listen or watch for a video or a song after downloading it from Limewire ?

Well im new to limewire

i have downloaded a song and a movie but when i wanted to watch them it wasn't working

insted they were putting i shoud install some program called : Play Free Mp3's and whenever i try to install and setup this program it wouldn't work , so what shoud i do ?? plz i need quick answers

How can i listen or watch for a video or a song after downloading it from Limewire ?
open the files directly from within the programme that you want to use to play the file
Reply:pick a a default music player to play mp3,m3u,wav,wma,musicmatch,real player,windows media player will play all of these,just go to options of the player,to set to play whatever file"s you want in the 3 players,when click on a mp3 file your default player to play that file will start-up and play it in the player,but on real %26amp; windows player your going to need a powerdvd (cyberlink) program just to playback the movie.decoder
Reply:im not sure exactly what your saying.

but what i used to do is go into recently changed and it should show your new downloads. and you can just open it with whatever. or if you have windows, press the start button and go to search and type in the name of the movie or song you want to watch.. :)

I have cakewalk pro audio v9, are there any cover song downloads anywhere?

did you try limewire for it??

What music services have a monthly fee instead of a per-song charge?

I want to be able to download songs and save them to my computer so I can dowload them to my creative zen player or burn cds. I tried Yahoo's music service but it only let you stream music for a monthly free, you couldn't dowload it to your mp3 player or burn cds without buying the songs for a per-song charge.

What music services have a monthly fee instead of a per-song charge?
Napster and Rhapsody have monthly subscription plans, you can play the songs on your computer and an mp3 player that supports DRM encoded WMA files. You don't get to burn the songs to CD's however.
Reply:you never ever ever have to pay for music on the internet.
Reply:just use limewire it's free

imax theatre

Can you edit a song that's been downloaded from iTunes?

I downloaded a song from iTunes, and it's the Live version from this particular artist (there are no other versions of this song by this artist). Is there someway that I can cut off (edit) the last minute or so from the audience cheering and what-not?

I don't have any song editing software, only iTunes.

FYI - the song has been legally paid for. (which how I found out about the cheering of the song at the end)

Can you edit a song that's been downloaded from iTunes?
Yes. First, you will need to remove the DRM copy-protection from the song. This can be done completely legally, using an ordinary blank CD. Simply burn the track(s) to the CD, then re-import them into iTunes like you would a normal CD (ensuring you first set the import option under preferences to convert to MP3). Now you have the tracks as MP3s.

(Alternatively, use a program to convert the tracks into MP3s, or use a CD drive emulator.)

Then, download Audactity ( and import the MP3 (file%26gt;import), then you can edit it!

See the audacity help for more info on editing: it's pretty easy, you can fade the clip out nicely wherever you want.

Hope that helps! :-)
Reply:oh wow.. I have no idea.... I dont even own one of gf has an ipod.. but our internt is off at home and she cant download anything...

Free song downloads?

Where can I get that, besides from limewire?

Free song downloads?
You can convert any song/audio from youtube into an MP3 using
Reply:I agree, free downloading from Limwire is very illegal and can get you into trouble. Actually ANY free downloading can. I use Frostwire:

Go Here to get it, it's new and a lot of people don't know about it very much, so here:
Reply:bittorent is the best place where you can download free music ..

and you can take music from Isohunt
Reply:If you want to get music for free for a year or two then be pissed when the music industry collapses, try torrents.

Please buy music you like
Reply:just type in the song title in google and after that type "free download"
Reply:free song downloads r illegal, and hard to find
Reply:Google the program shareaza. i use it. its awesome.

multiple results maay come. choose save link as and check if the file type is mp3. then save
Reply:umm thats illigel but.....

try limewire
Reply:Soulseek, plus it works with itunes
Reply:this website called helps alot

just google the song and type free mp3 download. =]

Any good sites w/ free song downloads?

Ares 2.0


What song should I download for my ringphone?

Dad has given me permission to download a ringtone for my cell phone, but i dont know what song to get!! help me decide.

What song should I download for my ringphone?
I know a site. It's free. You upload and mp3 off of your computer and use any part of that song and send it to your phone. The more people you have sign up through your link, the more credits you get for ringtones. It also gives you 4 free credits for just signing up.

1 credit = 1 ringtone.

Go to my link and click the first box that says Myxer Tones and sign up.

I promise, 100% free.

(It's my boyfriend's myspace. My phone is in the process of being switched to his service company)
Reply:do your chain hang low or me and u
Reply:I recommend "streets of tomorrow" by Carla Valet. It's the song from the Audi SUV commercial.
Reply:Star Wars "Imperial March" its my favorite.
Reply:Go to yor cellphone company website and look
Reply:There are so many good ringtones- how about the If Only by Enya/ Circle of Life by Elton John/ Chiquitita by Abba/Faith by Celine Dion/
Reply:If you go to the following site it shows you all the current top ringtones and you can also search for ones you like.
Reply:"I am holding on for you"


Liberty X
Reply:what kind of fool am I? !!!!!!
Reply:bring me to life by evanesenss